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Installing AmiDeb.

AmiDeb uses the Network installer for Debian Linux 11, and as such requires a working internet connection.

The installer will ask what Host name and Domain name (Prefilled in), Language and Locale to install. The installer will perform 99% of the install automatically and power down the system at the end.

:WARNING: The installer will re-partition the drive and wipe any data. :WARNING:

When the installer gets to the drive partitioning choose “guided” as the choice.
5Gb will be set for the system partition (root in Linux).
1 GB for a Swap partition, and the remainder is setup for the /amiga partition.

During the install at the “preseed” section of the install at 13%, it might look like the system has hang. At this stage the installer is pulling down Debian packages and tools from the internet, including FS-UAE. Just wait for the system to Power Down at the end of the install.

If you wish to view the progress, press the ALT-CTL-F4 keys all at once.